COVID-19 Update EMR Vacation Rentals

Updated April 11, 2022

As of April 1, 2022, Canada now allowing all travelers from the United States, who have been fully vaccinated to cross into Canada without having to take a COVID-19 test. There is still a requirement to use the ArriveCan travel app to upload proof documentation and crossing times.
For more information go to The Government of Canada Website on Requirements of COVID-19 Vaccinated Travellers.

April 8, 2022 the BC Government has lifted the requirement for a \”proof of vaccination\” to access most public businesses and facilities. There may be some businesses that choose to continue to operate requesting proof. We just ask you to respect their wishes. For more information please visit the British Columbia Government COVID-19 Website for updated information.

It is Official. Mask mandates are being repealed starting March 11, 2022.

The BC Government made the announcement today.

Vaccination passport requirement is expected to be dropped on April 8, 2022.

Read the BC Government New Release
\”B.C. takes next step in balanced plan to lift COVID-19 restrictions\”

USA Travelers will only need to provide proof of vaccination and a professionally administered or observed rapid antigen test within 24 hours of crossing the border. Use the ArriveCan App or Website to complete the documentation requirements.
See latest COVID travel requirements to USA travelers to Canada.
Link for USA Travelers to Canada: COVID-19 vaccinated travellers entering Canada

Its official US travelers can come to Canada for non-essential travel as of August 9th, 2021.

Please note non essential travelers from the United States will have to provide proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and provide other travel details when crossing the border

For detailed information and instructions please go to the Government of Canada Travel Website

We are excited to be able to host our neighbours from the south to come to Vancouver Island again. However, due to the instability of COVID-19 conditions, we are suggesting US travelers book very close to their travel dates (within 30 days or less from arrival).

United States and International travelers booking with our company, please ensure you have your own trip cancellation insurance in place when booking. We are no longer providing refunds or future travel credits for any cancellations due to border closures tied to COVID-19.

Even though many restrictions are easing please read through our earlier posts below as we still have a number of COVID-19 guidelines and protocols that still need to be followed while traveling in British Columbia.


Its official, today (June 28, 2021) the British Columbia Government confirms BC is opening up to non essential travel from other Canadian Provinces starting July 1, 2021.
Many restrictions are being lifted including mandatory mask requirements.

See announcement on B.C. Shifts To Step 3 Restart Plan

Please read the latest Government of BC Restart Plan BC Government has announced The COVID 19 Restart Plan

Important Travel Opening Dates

May 25 – June 14, 2021 – We are open to travel from anyone from the Vancouver Island Health Authority region

June 15 – June 30, 2021 – We are open to travel from all regions of British Columbia

July 1, 2021 and onward – Rest of Canada as BC opens up to interprovincial travel

For further information on the BC Restart 4 Step Plan please follow this link here.

International Access to Canada – Please check with the Canadian Federal Government site for information on when Canada will be open for foreign travel. Click here for information:

If your stay has been impacted by this date change for opening please read below under our April 23, 2021 on your options

We are excited that the BC Government has a firm plan to move to opening for travel this spring and summer moving forward.

Thank you for you support and patience throughout this pandemic response.

The team at EMR Vacation Rentals is looking forward to hosting your stays this summer.


Important Updated Notice as of April 23, 2021 for Guests Staying between April 20 – May 24, 2021

For guests already staying in the properties at the time of this release are not required to leave under this order. If you are staying in any of our properties for essential reasons during this time frame we are still open to host your stay.

For guests with stays booked during this date range for non essential reasons EMR Vacation Rentals will now accept cancellations for stays the begin April 20 and ending on May 24, 2021 using the COVID-19 Cancellation Clause in our guest agreement.

Section 2.4 of the Guest Agreement

2.4 Special Cancellation terms for the Guest booking during COVID-19 pandemic

2.4.1 The Guest agrees that if booking after March 18, 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic that they are sharing in the risk and understanding that there is the possibility local or international authorities may prevent the Owner and the Owner’s Agent to be able to provide access to the property.

2.4.2 In the event the Owner and the Owner’s Agent are unable to provide access to the property for the Guest due to forced closure of travel directly where the property is located by official local government authorities, or by the Province of British Columbia, or the Government of Canada, the following will apply. The Owner and the Owner’s Agent will do their best to move the Guest’s booking to a future date in the same property, or provide payments received from the Guest as a credit toward a future date to be used by the Guest within 12 months, or provide a refund less 25% of the total cost of accommodation (base rent plus applicable taxes and fees)

Here are the options that we are making available to our guests directly impacted by these orders at this time.

  1. We will continue to be open and can host your stay. Must ensure you are following all provincial health orders when staying at the property.
  2. Attempt to move your dates in the same property for a future date (if available or to different property if dates are not available for the original property booked). 
  3. Convert your deposits paid into a non refundable stay credit to be applied to a future stay to be used within 12 months of cancellation. 
  4. Cancel your booking completely receive a refund less 25% of the total booking value as a cancellation fee.

April 23, 2021 COVID-19 Updated Travel Restrictions and Advisories BC Government Website

BC Ferries Release April 23, 2021

Ministerial Order that defines reasons and interpretations.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these most difficult times. Our team will work hard to rebook your dates into the future when it will be safe to travel again.

IMPORTANT NOTICE April 20, 2021:
Latest Travel Advisories from the BC Government
At this time, all non-essential travel should be avoided. This includes travel into and out of B.C. and between regions of the province. For example:

  • Do not travel for a vacation
  • Do not travel to visit friends or family outside of your household or core bubble

Stays within Vacation Rentals
The Provincial Health Doctor, Dr. Bonnie Henry, has made a temporary Health Order in council with regard to use of vacation rentals and private residences. The requirement is in effect until May 24, 2021 and overrides earlier health orders from the Province of BC.

  1. Vacation Rental occupants must be members of the same household. This constitutes any number of people who live in the same household. See link here:

2. There is an advisory to travel only for essential purposes but there is no official restrictions at this time for travel.

3. Mandatory Mask Mandate is in place in all public buildings and private businesses throughout British Columbia.

4. No gatherings or events.

EMR Vacation Rentals will continue to monitor this situation closely.
We continue to ask our guests to ensure they follow guidelines during COVID-19 for a safe stay.

The Provincial Health Doctor, Dr. Bonnie Henry, has made a Health Order in council with regard to use of vacation rentals.

Please note the following orders;

  1. A maximum of five individuals may attend a social gathering or an event in vacation accommodation, in addition to the occupants;
  2. The owner of vacation accommodation must require any tenant, guest or other person using the vacation accommodation to comply with the requirement in section 1.

Link to health order:

EMR Vacation Rentals already has a requirement that all guests fill in a roster of all guests that will be staying at the property.

If you are planning to have non staying guests (visitors) over to the vacation rental property you are renting, it is a requirement that you provide EMR Vacation Rentals with a list of names and their contact information for each additional visitor. We need this list in the event a requirement from the Province of BC to contract trace all guests and visitors to the rental.

It’s Official Travel is Open in British Columbia as of June 24, 2020.

Here is some excellent information on healthy travel information compiled by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: Travelling throughout B.C.

As British Columbia begins opening up after successfully flattening the COVID-19 curve and having one of the lowest infection rates in North America, we believe staying in a vacation rental will be the best option for travel this year throughout the Summer, Fall, and Winter 2020-2021.

Guests in a private vacation rental home can control access to the property, maintain social distancing from the outside public, to ensure a safe vacation.

The health and safety of our residents and visitors are paramount at this time and as such, we want to ensure you are fully informed of the impacts of COVID-19 on our area and the current status of travel to British Columbia.

As this is an evolving situation, we will continue to post updates on this page and policy adjustments for currently booked guests and for guests that have yet to book.

Thank you for your understanding and patience throughout this pandemic period. We are all looking forward to hosting your stay soon.

British Columbia was not shut down for accommodation providers in British Columbia since accommodations are considered essential.

EMR Vacation Rentals has taken proactive measures to work on cancellation requests for all guests directly impacted by non essential travel advisories authorized by the British Columbia government.

If you are a guest with questions about your existing reservation, please call Toll Free 1-866-800-8880 or 250-483-6790.

Government Resources on COVID-19

British Columbia COVID 19 Information

British Columbia COVID-19 Health Tips 

Canadian Government COVID-19 Information

Travel Advisories

BC Ferries Travel Advisory between Vancouver and Vancouver Island and all other ferry routes Requirement for Passenger Face Coverings Effective August 21, 2020

COVID-19: Current border measures and requirements

Precautionary Measures EMR Vacation Rentals is Currently Taking

We have always used cleaning products with disinfectant. In addition to normal cleaning procedures, our housekeeping staff will increase focus on “high touch” items like light switches, doorknobs, remotes, etc. We are also removing non essential decorative pillows, blankets, and comforters.

EMR has adjusted check-in and check-out times to provide extra cleaning time. We are now asking guests to depart no later than 10 AM and check-in not earlier than 5:00 pm. We have also, where possible, placing 24 hour blocks from rentals between rental dates in 2020. We do have rentals that have been pre-booked with back to back rental dates. We are unable to accommodate later check out or early check-ins on back to back changeover days. Please contact our guest services team to confirm if early arrivals can be accommodated.

No Contact Check-In. Check-in for all properties is available via Greeter that will provide a social distancing check-in procedure, Electronic lock, or Lock box access. Our guests services team will be providing each guest with instructions dependent on which property they have booked and time of arrival. 

If you have any questions, please contact our office at 250-483-6790 or 

We look forward to welcoming you soon.


Note: EMR Vacation Rentals reserves the right to change these temporary policies at any time.

Are you providing refunds on cancelled bookings?

We are no longer providing refunds, even in circumstances where border closures into Canada are in effect. If your reservation arrives after June 1, 2020 or up to August 31 of 2020, we will allow you to move the reservation to a later date in 2020 in the same property or convert your deposit payments into a travel credit that can be used in any property EMR Vacation Rentals manages but it must booked within 365 days from your cancelled arrival date and must be used by December 31, 2021 stay dates. The rates are subject to seasonal dynamic rate changes. If you decide to during a high demand period versus lower demand period for example, guests will be responsible for only the rate difference and taxes on those differences. There are no refunds for unused travel credits nor are the travel credits transferable to a different guest.

Can I pick dates beyond 12 Months?

Yes based on availability of the property but the stay must be used no later than December 31, 2021. However, since each property is independently owned, future dates well into 2021 may not yet be made available by the owner of the property.

Once I’ve selected my rescheduled dates can I change the dates again?

You can only change the dates for a second time if there are local COVID-19 restrictions in place. This will be at our discretion and based on local British Columbia regulations that directly impact the property that has been rented.

What happens if I choose to cancel my booking and do not wish to have a travel credit or move my dates – what will I get back if I cancel?

The EMR Vacation Rentals standard cancellation policies in the guest agreement will apply. See section under Cancellation By Guest.

If you have booked through AirBnb, please submit a cancellation request through their website booking platform.

Isn’t there a travel ban?

Currently there is not an official travel ban in British Columbia only a advisory to ensure proper social distancing and cleaning procedures also follow all mask requirements in some businesses and public places. Canadians are not being denied entry or travel into British Columbia.

Can I have visitors over to see me at during my vacation rental stay?

This is an evolving policy please be aware it can change at any time. Besides abiding by EMR Vacation Rentals restrictions on additional guests visitors, there is currently a Provincial Health order requiring no more than 5 visitors over at one time to see you. We are requiring our guests to ensure they keep a detailed list of full names and contact information for every visitor you have had over to the property. We may need this information to provide the the BC Government in the event of an urgent need to contact trace over a positive COVID-19 finding.

I’m traveling from outside of Canada, can I cross the border?

This is dependent on each country of origin and their travel agreement with the Canadian Government. Please check current travel restrictions to Canada by contacting your local border authorities from your country of origin. Currently US travel into Canada has a non essential travel ban until November 21, 2020. 

Please note we are no longer providing refunds due to border restrictions for COVID-19 for any traveler outside of Canada. We can assist in moving your dates or providing a travel credit for a future stay. 

Important Note: Please make sure you have purchased sufficient trip cancellation and disruption insurance. Most credit card companies sell trip cancellation insurance to their cardholders or already have it included as part of their members perks. Please check with your credit card company to confirm. If they do not sell it we advise contacting Travel Guard International of Rental Guardian or any other third party travel insurance provider.

Thank you. Stay Safe. We look forward to hosting your stay soon.