Creyke Point - East Sooke Park

Victoria Storms with Wind, Rain and Havoc! Absolutely Awesome!

Nothing is more calming than the sounds of rain on our window, but November has been an
exciting month with some insane wind, rain and weather! As I sat in my office Tuesday
November 17, I was thankful that I was indoors, away from all the falling limbs, sideways rain
and wind – mother nature’s chaos.

Howling wind gusts between 70 and 90Km caused downed trees and park closures, and
rainfall in amounts of up to 80mm caused flooding, washout areas near creeks, riverbeds and
culverts. Waves crashed along the shorelines all along the coastal communities including
Victoria. There was no need to head to the West Coast of the island, Mother Nature brought
us a treat right in our back yard!

Environment Canada has good information on updated weather patterns.

If you are brave enough to weather the storm, and have a wild side, stop by the Dallas Road
Waterfront to view the crashing waves.

It was the perfect storm!