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Unusual Things to Do in Victoria BC

Victoria, British Columbia may be known for its charming gardens and serene waterfront views, but there’s also an abundance of unique and unusual activities to explore. From walking the stunning Dallas Road, exploring hidden alleyways, visiting quirky museums, and visiting heritage sites in Greater Victoria, here are some of the most unusual things to do in Victoria BC

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Living in Victoria, BC

Having a holiday here is one thing, but what is it actually like to live in Victoria? There are pros and cons of living in Victoria so if you’re considering a move here, this is a great place to start! 

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West Coast Harvest: Farms to Visit on Vancouver Island

From lush dairy farms to sprawling vineyards and picturesque fruit orchards, Vancouver Island farms offer a bounty of local food and farm experiences for visitors to enjoy! If you’re curious about what this Canadian island’s farmers have to offer, want to learn more about sustainability, the farm to table movement on Vancouver Island and what kind of fresh, local food you can find on this incredible island, you’re in the right place!

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Get the Scoop on the Best Ice Cream on Vancouver Island!

When the time comes to cool off, there is one way to beat the summer heat no matter where you are staying on Vancouver Island: ice cream! And not your run-of-the-mill, chain restaurant ice cream. No, here on Vancouver Island, we have some incredible, locally owned and operated ice cream shops that are churning out incredible, unique and delicious flavours of our favourite icy confection.