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Often thought about writing about my experiences in the vacation rental industry in BC but just never go around my busy schedule to do so. Over the last 12 years, since I first go involved in the vacation rental industry a lot has changed.

Gone are the days of putting up a simple website promoting your property on the internet, getting a ton of links pointing to your site with link exchanging, just to ensure you are ranking high in the number of search engines to choose from. Now it is much more complex with in-depth SEO (search engine optimization) development requirement, social media, paid search engine ads, content writing etc. For many businesses in our industry it has been getting harder and harder to keep up.

Mill Bay Marina on Vancouver Island British Columbia
Mill Bay Marina on Vancouver Island British Columbia

Since the internet search world is depending on new content being developed on a regular basis, I will take my kick at the can to adding my two cents worth of information on my experiences working in the vacation rental and travel industry in British Columbia.  We have a good team of people who work together at EMR Vacation Rentals, and all of us at one time of another will be providing our thoughts and to share information about our company, the industry, and the more fun things like traveling in British Columbia (our home).

Hopefully, this blog, will provide you with interesting subjects and information you (the reader) will find useful.

Welcome to our blog and please follow us here.