two bottles of wine on top of a barrel in front of grapevines at a vineyard

Wine Not? Cowichan Valley Wine Tours

This incredible valley is not only a wine destination but also one of the epicenters on Vancouver Island for forward-thinking, farm-to-table cuisine. During the summer, the Cowichan Valley’s vineyards are in full swing and what better way to really get a ‘taste’ of this beautiful Valley than visiting one of the many beautiful wineries that dot the landscape of Cowichan and produce some award-winning wines?

in-house made ice cream in a ice cream shop

Get the Scoop on the Best Ice Cream on Vancouver Island!

When the time comes to cool off, there is one way to beat the summer heat no matter where you are staying on Vancouver Island: ice cream! And not your run-of-the-mill, chain restaurant ice cream. No, here on Vancouver Island, we have some incredible, locally owned and operated ice cream shops that are churning out incredible, unique and delicious flavours of our favourite icy confection.