aerial views of nanaimo bc from the foothills

Things to do in Nanaimo

There’s no doubt that Vancouver Island, British Columbia is one of the most stunning places to visit in Canada. Surrounded by the ocean and easily accessible by air or sea, Vancouver Island is filled with quaint towns and vibrant city centres surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.

various pumpkins near bail of hay - thanksgiving - fall

How to Celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving on Vancouver Island

When you think of Thanksgiving in North America, most people think of pilgrim outfits, pumpkin pie, the Mayflower and feast re-enactments between pilgrims and American Indians – typical images from many Hollywood movies and American TV shows.

Bottoms Up! Classic Summertime Cocktails Made with Local Spirits

August is one of the hottest months of the year and it’s the perfect time to head out and to explore everything the Island has to offer. Whether you’re heading for an outdoor adventure, walking through charming towns, visiting breweries and dining out, booking tours or seeing attractions – there are many ways to make incredible memories here!

woman relaxing in spa room with candles

Best Spas on Vancouver Island

There’s no doubt that British Columbia is one of the most peaceful places in Canada – which is why it is consistently one of the top destinations in the world! With ocean views of the beautiful Salish Sea and Pacific Ocean, dense forests, majestic mountains and charming towns and cities, Vancouver Island is a tranquil destination.