Where to Find the Best Local Valentine’s Day Gifts in Victoria

This month is all about love! While you’re in Victoria, there are lots of ways to treat that special someone in your life and make this Valentine’s Day really memorable! Whether you’re planning a low-key in-night or heading out for a night on the town, there are a few gifts that are staples for this holiday! It can be tricky to figure out where to source all the best Valentine’s treats in a new city so we’ve taken the guesswork out of your shopping and compiled an easy list of our very favourite Valentine’s Day goodies and where to get them so you can be confident that you’re getting the very best of what this city has to offer!  


Organic Fair Chocolate

This amazing little farm in Cobble Hill is a purveyor of some incredible products from essential oils to herbs and spices, soda syrups and so much more. When it comes to dark chocolate, there’s nowhere on the island where you can find such an impressive collection of high quality chocolate bars. Every Organic Fair bar is certified organic, vegan and comes in an array of globally inspired flavours. If you’re staying in Victoria or Langford at The Corazon, Beacon Hill View Condo, or Station Villa Executive Condo you can find them at the Market on Yates and the Market on Millstream or shop online and choose your shipping method. If you’re staying near Cobble Hill at the Malahat Mountain House, Beachside Living on Saanich Inlet, you can pick up your order directly from the farm at checkout! 

Roger’s Chocolates

If you’re staying near downtown at The Corazon, Landmark Sub-Penthouse, Seaglass Suite or Reef Executive Condo, a brisk, early spring walk to the gorgeous original Rogers chocolate store on Government St. is a great way to get into the festive spirit! With an enormous array of high-quality, decadent chocolates to choose from, this chocolaterie has been a Victoria standby for over 130 years! 

Sirene Chocolate

If you want to find delicious chocolate that makes you feel great, then you’ll want to make sure you grab a few bars of Sirene chocolate. At Sirene, every bar is made with the highest quality beans picked and processed ethically. Choose from a wide variety of flavours from the popular Dark Milk to the intense 73% dark chocolate Fleur de Sel and so many in between. You can find these bars just a walk away from James Bay Studio Stay and Harbourview Executive at the Reef at the Merchant Quarters General Store, Victoria Public Market and the Market on Yates and nearby Nature’s Gate Executive Vacation Home at the Market on Millstream in Langford.

At home spa supplies

Silk Road

If you’re looking to surprise your loved one with incredible local, organic bath and body items to make an at-home spa experience, Silk Road is one of the best places in the city to go. Just a short walk away from The Corazon, this tea shop has become a haven for luxury and calm. Here, you can find bath salts, diffuser oils, skincare items and incredible teas that are sure to make this Valentine’s Day extra special.

Pacific Coast Soap Works

This wonderful, local shop specializes in handmade, small batch, natural bath and body products made with carefully selected, high-quality ingredients and distinctly West Coast scents. Their line includes soaps, bath bombs, lotions, essential oils shampoos and more! Find their collections at Capital Iron In Victoria and West Shore or shop online!


Flowers on Top

Right in the heart of downtown Victoria on Broad St. just a ten minute walk away from Landmark Sub-Penthouse and five minutes from The Corazon you’ll find this gorgeous flower shop. From lavish bouquets filled with the most stunning blooms to living planters, Flowers on Top has everything you need to create a custom bouquet that’s sure to impress! 

Rook and Rose 

If you’re looking for something a little more unique and contemporary for your Valentine this year, you’ll want to shop at Rook and Rose. This relatively new flower shop has been taking the city by storm for the last ten years with their fresh take on the traditional floral arrangements. Specializing in both dried and fresh flower bouquets, you can pop into their downton location just a short drive from Barkley Manor Executive, Craigdrarroch Executive or Manor Suite off Rockland to order or simply go on the website and choose pickup or delivery! They deliver all over Greater Victoria including Sidney and Langford! 

Spa packages

The Spa at Silk Road

While Silk Road may have an incredible selection of teas, bath and body works, it is also one of the most popular spas in Victoria as well! Voted Canada’s Best Organic Spa by Glow Magazine, Silk Road is our top choice for an afternoon of pampering in the city. This full service spa offers facials, massages, body wraps and scrubs as well spa packages that combine services for a whole afternoon of bliss!

Sapphire Day Spa

This wonderful Ayurveda inspired spa provides incredible self-care services that are rooted in Sapphire’s principle of meaningful and mindful treatments. Here, you’re not just getting a spa service, you’re going to have an experience that integrates your mind, body and spirit to ensure that you leave feeling fresh and uplifted. No matter if you’re staying out at Pacific Coast Beach House and Suite in Sooke or at the top of the Peninsula at Oceanfront Lodge on Saanich Inlet, this is a spa experience that is worth the drive into town!