Travel Safe, Travel Smart: Why Vacation Rentals are the Best Choice for Today’s Travelers

When booking a vacation, one of the first questions you ask will inevitably be: where will we stay? Your choices are endless, especially in popular locations. With so many different options, it can be hard to know what’s best for your trip.

Your choice of accommodation can make or break your vacation, especially now. Choosing a rental that is proactive in safety and cleanliness is more important than ever as travelers return to their favorite destinations in the wake of COVID-19. That’s why there’s been a big surge in demand for vacation rentals – they give you an experience that’s fun and safe for your group.

As travelers return to their wanderings with safety in mind, vacation rentals offer several key benefits that make them a perfect choice for your trip. With high standards of cleanliness, private spaces, and personal service, they make traveling as relaxing as the trip itself. Read on to learn more!

Private Accommodations

One of the biggest benefits of a vacation rental property is privacy. With a vacation rental, guests enjoy spacious and private accommodations free of thin walls, noises from nearby guests, or in-and-out housekeeping. This also makes them perfect for families traveling with kids, who can spread out in their own space while you enjoy some adults-only time.

That also means your family has significantly less exposure to recent or neighboring guests in the same space. As travelers are more conscious of crowds and cleanliness, vacation rentals allow your family to travel comfortably and safely to the destination of your choice.

Private Entrances

Speaking of private spaces, many Northwest Stays vacation rentals also offer private, direct entrances to your space. That means you won’t have to move through high-traffic areas like lobbies, elevators, or hallways each time you need to access your rooms. This gives you more privacy to come and go and it protects your family from unnecessary exposure to other guests or staff.

Plus, many vacation rentals offer contactless check-in and check-out options via keypad, smartphone app, and/or dropboxes. That means no waiting in lobby lines, interacting with high-exposure staff, or using germ-covered pens!

Strict Cleaning Protocols

When accommodations book rooms by the night, they often turn guests over in a single afternoon. That leaves a small window for cleaning and sanitation protocols to protect your family. Because vacation rentals are typically booked for longer stays and have larger spaces, our staff has the time and ability to implement a high standard for cleaning and disinfecting rental spaces between guests.

We have also expanded our already strict cleaning protocols to take extra precautions to guarantee your family’s safety during your stay. Rather than focusing on high turnovers, your safety and comfort is our top priority.

At-Home Amenities

Northwest Stays vacation rentals include home-like amenities such as private kitchens and laundry machines. These features make your stay more comfortable and add an extra layer of safety for guests. Having a private kitchen means you can cook and enjoy meals in the comfort of your rental without being exposed to high-traffic restaurants or delivery persons.

Having your own laundry machines allows you to avoid having your clothing laundered by outside staff or, worse, venturing to busy laundromats. You can also clean your clothing before you leave rather than carting home dirty clothes, if you prefer.

Direct, Personalized Service

We’ve all been there – you’ve booked a family trip and have a reservation question, only to be put on hold for hours or try to navigate a long, confusing phone prompt system to reach a representative who is hundreds of miles from my destination. How frustrating!

When you work with Northwest Stays partners, you can be sure you’ll receive direct and personalized service. Our vacation rental partners and team members are local to your destination and ready to serve you at a moment’s notice. That means you can ditch those long waits and get any questions and concerns answered promptly, from a local staff that knows the area and is invested in your vacation.

As daily life changes in the wake of COVID-19, travel is changing, too. Families and wanderers are more concerned than ever about staying safe as they travel, especially to popular or crowded destinations. By choosing a vacation rental, you can guarantee your family a vacation that’s comfortable, fun, and – most importantly – safe.

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