Vacation Rentals vs Hotels

Ten Reasons why Vacation Rentals beat Hotels

  1. Why stay in a hotel when you can enjoy “home away from home” in a vacation rental.

  2. Privacy and peace of mind, to come and go as you please.

  3. Self-catering at your vacation adds up to hundreds of dollars in savings not having to eat out for every meal.

  4. Vacation rentals offer a wide variety of options to secure the accommodation you need, not the hotel room they give you.

  5. Personal service and attention unique to each property.

  6. Great for larger families and groups, you can all be under one roof.

  7. Variety of locations allow you to experience the feel of the community from within a residential neighbourhood.

  8. Having friends over to visit, and being able to entertain them.

  9. Cost effective as opposed to a nightly rate in a hotel.

  10. Higher standard of amenities and decor.