waterfall over cave on vancouver island

Vancouver Island Caves

The far west coast of British Columbia, Vancouver Island is renowned for its stunning natural landscapes and abundant outdoor activities. From the rugged coastline to the lush rainforests, each area offers a unique adventure for outdoor enthusiasts unlike any other! Amidst this rugged terrain lies a hidden world of caves, one of the most unique and fascinating adventures you can have on this incredible island! 

Carved over millennia by the forces of nature, Vancouver Island caves showcase the intricate beauty of Canada’s natural landscapes and provide a fascinating glimpse into the island’s geological history. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, exploring Vancouver Island’s caves is guaranteed to be an unforgettable Canadian adventure!

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Karst Creek Trail


If you’re looking for a great place to go caving while you’re staying in beautiful Parksville and Qualicum Beach, this is a great option! Karst Creek Trail offers a glimpse into the island’s geological marvels! As you traverse the trail, keep an eye out for flat areas known as karst fields, with sinkholes and caves underground, a topography formed from the dissolution of soluble rocks such as limestone, dolomite, and gypsum. This trail serves as an ideal starting point for your Vancouver Island spelunking, offering easy access to explore the evidence of the island’s intricate cave systems sculpted over millennia! While exploring, you’ll encounter breathtaking crystal formations and can learn more about the karst features that characterize the island’s unique landscape!

Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park


Perfect for anyone staying in a Victoria or Nanaimo vacation rental, here you can venture into a fascinating underground world at Horne Lake Caves for an unforgettable caving experience! Guided cave tours lead visitors through a network of caverns adorned with stunning crystal formations, showcasing the natural beauty hidden beneath the surface. Visitors can choose from various packages from the easy Riverbend Cave Explorer package to the advanced and hours-long Max Depth Adventure and explore these cave systems to your comfort level! Whether you’re looking forward to rappelling into the depths of a main cave or embarking on a self-guided tour of a lower cave, Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park offers something for every caving experience level. 

Little Huson Caves Regional Park


For avid spelunkers staying in the Comox Valley looking for a remote place to explore, this is a great option! Located on Mount Waddington between the little villages of Nimpkish and Atluck, Little Huson Caves is just a 2.5 hour drive from the Comox Valley. From Highway 19 (Hwy 19), take the Zeballos turn-off north of Woss onto the gravel logging road (note that the very first sign says, “Huston Caves” but this is the right way!). This self-guided cave tour begins with a hike up a short trail through the trees and offers visitors a glimpse into the island’s geological past. As you’re preparing for your adventure, be sure to pack water shoes along with your headlamp and other equipment to wade through the rivers and waters in the area as the rock on the river bed can be slippery and sharp! This is an ideal spot to explore in the late spring summer and early fall before heavy rains settle it! 

Upana Caves


Perfect for anyone who wants to explore the little known parts of Northern Vancouver Island, Upana Caves Interpretive Forest Path is a wild and remote place of tranquility and natural majesty! Perfect for older children and adults without mobility issues, you’ll be awe-struck by the intricate formations found within Upana Caves! Prepare to get dirty and wet, especially if you’re visiting during a rainy period and as always bring all the safety gear available including bear repellent and bear bells. This location is remote and is inhabited by Vancouver Island’s diverse wildlife! 

Artlish Caves


Nestled within the remote wilderness of northern Vancouver Island, Artlish Caves Park offers visitors a chance to see remarkable karst features that denote its unique topography, sculpted by the erosive force of water on carbonate bedrock that are of both provincial and national significance. The erosion over millennia reveals two expansive cave entrances and an underground river amid ancient forest surroundings. While future caving prospects hold promise, for the time being, cavers should be cautious and you should remain relatively near to the surface and wait for a comprehensive management plan to be completed before venturing into its depths.