in-house made ice cream in a ice cream shop

Get the Scoop on the Best Ice Cream on Vancouver Island!

It’s official – it’s summertime on Vancouver Island! This time of year on the west coast of Canada is a magical one with glistening waters, blue skies and endless greenery! The island comes alive when the warm weather hits as people get outside to enjoy the myriad outdoor activities. Whether you’re cycling, hiking, exploring new places on the island, revisiting old favourites, shopping at the outdoor markets or just enjoying a seaside stroll, it can get hot out there! When the time comes to cool off, there is one way to beat the summer heat no matter where you are staying on Vancouver Island: ice cream! And not your run-of-the-mill, chain restaurant ice cream. No, here on Vancouver Island, we have some incredible, locally owned and operated ice cream shops that are churning out incredible, unique and delicious flavours of our favourite icy confection. Whether you’re into unique flavours like black sesame or green tea or classics like salted caramel and chocolate hazelnut, these creameries are where you’ll find the best ice cream on Vancouver Island!

Best Ice Cream Shops in Sooke & Metchosin

Nestled along the rugged coastline of Vancouver Island, Sooke offers a delightful array of ice cream options that perfectly complement its picturesque scenery. From classic flavors to innovative creations, Sooke’s ice cream scene is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

The Sugar Shack

4492 Happy Valley Rd, Victoria, BC | 250-474-2380

In the beautiful, sleepy little area of Metchosin, the Sugar Shack is where the locals get their ice cream fix. A part of the beloved My-Chosen Cafe, the Sugar Shack is a blend of classic west coast, farmhouse-style bakery with a 50’s twist. Here you can find fluffy, seasonally flavoured, single serve cheesecakes, perfectly, soft, celebratory cupcakes, thick milkshakes with architecturally dubious towers of whipped cream that threaten to tumble out of the mason jar receptacles – which really makes it even more fun to drink, and classic ice cream flavours. Whether you’re looking for a spot while riding or walking on the Metchosin stretch of the Galloping Goose, finishing a day at the beach or just popping in to satisfy your sweet tooth, this pastoral cafe is the perfect place to stop for a refreshing treat to beat the heat. 

Best Ice Cream Shops in Victoria

As the vibrant capital city of British Columbia, Victoria boasts a thriving culinary scene, and its ice cream offerings are no exception! Whether strolling along the Inner Harbour or exploring the charming streets of downtown, visitors are spoiled for choice when it comes to indulging in delicious frozen treats.

Jackson’s Ice Cream

1 Dallas Rd, Victoria, BC | 250-858-0052

In the funky little downtown neighbourhood of James Bay, you’ll find Jackson’s Ice Cream in the colourful houseboat community of Fisherman’s Wharf. This small ice cream stand really packs a punch with what they have to offer! Here you can get frozen lemonade, ice cream floats, old fashioned milkshakes, sundaes, plus soft serve ice cream, sixteen different flavours of Island Farms ice cream, non-dairy sorbet and frozen yogurt all in their handmade waffle cones. 

Cold Comfort Ice Cream

1115 N Park St #2, Victoria, BC | 778-432-2653 

While you are wandering around downtown Victoria, you’ve got to make your way to Cold Comfort Ice Cream! This small batch creamery makes each and every batch from scratch using the highest quality ingredients – and it shows! For an out-of-the-ordinary ice cream experience, try one of their out-of-this-world ice cream sandwiches–they even have dairy and gluten free options! Looking for a pint to take home?  They’ve got that too! With Classic flavours and unique creations, this little spot will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about classic ice cream!

Mosi Gelato

5303 W Saanich Rd, Victoria, BC | 250-590-7969

Craving some authentic Italian gelato? You’ll want to head to Mosi Gelato! In 1920’s Torino, Italy Nonno Mosi made gelato in the summer in his Pasticceria and today, his grandson, Stefano carries on that tradition right here in Victoria! At this authentic gelato shop, you can find delectable, creamy gelati and light, crisp sorbetto all handcrafted using quality, local ingredients. 

Best Ice Cream Shops in Sidney

Situated on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, Sidney is known for its quaint seaside charm and welcoming community. Visitors can cool off from a day of exploring with a scoop of locally-made ice cream, enjoying the flavours of the Pacific Northwest in every bite.

Quince Cafe

2527 Beacon Ave #104, Sidney, BC | 250-656-1657 

There’s a lot to be said about this little seaside town. You can find incredible shopping and dining and you won’t have to look much farther for your ice cream fix than Quince Cafe right in the heart of Sidney. They make all of their menu items in-house, daily and it’s here that you can find all your classic ice cream treats. Pop in for an espresso affogato and head out for a walk along the seaside trail, be a kid again with an ice cream float or stick to the classic flavours served in a delicious waffle cone!

Best Ice Cream Shops in Cowichan Valley

With its fertile farmland and stunning vineyards, the Cowichan Valley is a haven for food lovers seeking fresh, local fare and ice cream is no exception! Visitors will delight in the Valley’s creamy confections, crafted with care using ingredients sourced from nearby farms and orchards.

Udder Guys

1765 Cowichan Bay Rd, Cowichan Bay, BC | 250-746-4300

Tucked right in the Cowichan Valley is the historic seaside community of Cowichan Bay and for more than a decade, the Udder Guys have been serving up small batch, old fashioned artisanal ice cream right in the heart of Cowichan Bay Road village. Using top-quality ingredients and local seasonal fruit, this ice cream is absolutely phenomenal! Order a couple of scoops of delicious flavours like espresso coffee, pistachio nut, pear ginger or zesty lemon in a cone and wander around the bay or pick up a pint or two to take back to your EMR vacation rental – either way, you’re in for a real treat! 

Best Ice Cream Shops in Nanaimo

Famous for its namesake dessert, Nanaimo is a paradise for visitors with a sweet tooth. From classic flavours to inventive combinations, the city’s ice cream parlours offer a tantalizing array of options sure to please any palate!

Burnt Honey

96-3200 N Island Hwy, Nanaimo, BC | 250-585-1446

Just north of Nanaimo, you’ll find Burnt Honey, the labour of love for local couple Kara and Fiona Shedden. Since their recent opening in February 2019, these two have been making waves with their incredible confectionery and have quickly become the go-to place for decadent ice cream and expertly crafted macarons near Nanaimo. Using locally sourced, high quality, ingredients and unique flavour combinations, Burnt Honey ice cream and macarons are imaginative and delicious! Try flavours like rich almond brittle sea salt ganache, bright lemon meringue pie or classic mint chocolate! Plus, you’ll find delicious dairy free options and all their packaging is all recyclable or compostable – going here for your sweet fix is a real win-win!

Best Ice Cream Shops in Comox Valley

Nestled between mountain ranges and the sparkling waters of the Salish Sea, the Comox Valley is a destination brimming with natural beauty and culinary delights! After a day of exploring the valley’s outdoor wonders, visitors can treat themselves to a scoop of locally-made ice cream, savouring the taste of Vancouver Island’s bounty.

Blue Spruce

526 Cliffe Ave, Courtenay, BC | 250-871-3221 

The best pairing for the beautifully warm, dry, summer heat of the Comox Valley is small-batch ice cream from Blue Spruce. This little creamery offers traditional custard ice cream and a variety of frozen vegan ice creams as well! Using only locally sourced, artisanal ingredients in their traditionally handmade ice creams that are all inspired by the beautiful Comox Valley, Blue Spruce is really one-of-a-kind in Courtney! 

The Big Scoop

127 Port Augusta St, Comox, BC | 250-702-5917 

Reignite your childhood nostalgia at The Big Scoop at the Comox Marina! This ice cream trailer slings seriously delicious Island Farms soft serve ice cream by the scoop. Grab yourself a scoop or two of your favourites or step out of your comfort zone and try something new like their green tea matcha or Saskatoon pie and take a stroll around the marina – it’s a great way to end a sunny summer day!