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Winter Snowbird Rentals

Over 2 million Canadians travelled south to Florida this year to escape the notorious winters of the Great White North that we affectionately call home.

But many stalwart Canucks are discovering that a welcome reprieve from the characteristically harsh Canadian winter can be found without ever having to crack out the passport.

Welcome to British Columbia. It's true that Canada is famously cold this time of year. The East Coast receives its annual lashing of nasty Atlantic weather; Quebec disappears into its regular deepfreeze; Ontario's lakes freeze over; the prairies howl with bitter blizzards; the Yukon and the Territories become barely inhabitable. Yet, BC enjoys some of the most temperate weather in the country. It's not that it doesn't snow here. In fact, BC enjoys a liberal dose of the white stuff every season. But the temperature never gets that extreme and if you make it as far as the coast, you'll likely be cracking an umbrella out before you'll be cracking out the snowshoes.

The bottom line is this: Most of the time, you have the choice to go or not go to the snow and whether you're getting a suntan while skiing Whistler or browsing the antique shops on a rainy afternoon in Victoria, winter is better here. Just ask the 'Snowbird' tourists who have begun make this their seasonal home. From long term rentals to shorter 'escapes', British Columbia is your best bet for a frostbite-free vacation.