Strathcona Park

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Overall, how would you rate your stay? Excellent Overall, how would you rank your accommodation? Very Good
How would you rate your reservation agent's service? Excellent How would you rank the cleanliness and condition of your accommodation? Excellent
Overall, how would you rate the value for the price paid? Very Good How would you rate the greeting service? Average
Would you use EMR Vacation Rentals in the future? Yes Would you recommend EMR Vacation Rentals to your family and friends? Yes
We really enjoyed our stay in Strathcona during the 2010 Olympics and were pleased with the service that we received from EMR. Although the website is not well-organized or easy to search, our reservation agent was very helpful in sending options based on our ever-changing criteria. We finally settled on a house in the Strathcona neighborhood, which was nice and quiet, yet only a mile from either downtown or Commercial Drive.

The accommodations were as promised and very well kept. It appeared that we were staying in someone's home or frequently-used second home with quality furnishings and appliances throughout. The house was stylish, safe, and clean. The only problem we experienced at all was the lack of wireless internet access, which had been promised on the website but was unavailable due to a password-protected wireless access point. This password seemed to be the only detail omitted from what was otherwise a very well-written and detailed guest manual left by the owners.

Our greeter was very pleasant and punctual, but not very familiar with the local neighborhood or specifics regarding the Olympics activities downtown. Although I gave her a gratuity upon check-in, it seemed that she was expecting one on check-out as well. I did not pay an additional one at check-out, which made for an uncomfortable departure. Having never had a greeter for a vacation rental before, I was generally unsure of the etiquette all the way around and would really prefer that this charge be built-in for future rentals.

Overall, EMR was professional and forthright I would not hesitate to work with you all again on our next visit. And I'll especially look forward to paying less-than-Olympic rates next time, too Thank you.

Barry F.