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Long-Term Vacation Rentals in British Columbia - Beyond the Postcard

Maybe you're on a lengthy business trip. Maybe your boss gave you more than 2 weeks off this year. Maybe you are the boss. Maybe you're on a break, a sabbatical, maybe you are relocating, maybe you're retired...

Whatever your reason, you're one of the lucky few with the option of enjoying BC for a little bit longer than most. But extended stays are becoming more popular all the time. Many individuals find occupational obligations bringing them to Western Canada. With the exorbitant rates so often associated with decent hotels, it might come as a refreshing surprise to Corporate when your travel claim includes a line-item with an equitable fully-furnished extended stay monthly Vacation Rentals rate instead of a by-the-night hotel expenditure. Can you say quarterly bonus?

British Columbia is also a destination for young professionals hoping to make a permanent move Out West. What better way to avoid the stress of remote house-hunting than booking yourself an extended stay monthly rental in the city or town that you've choose to call home? This way, a methodical and careful search through the real estate market of your choice is possible without the headache of being miles away while you're trying to make such an important life-decision. Vacation rentals can make your transition into a new permanent residence a happy and affordable memory, not a nail-biting one.

Due to its beauty, pace and temperate climate, BC is also a favourite destination with senior citizens looking for a retirement where the summers are warm and the winters are less severe. Yet sometimes, it's important to truly experience a place to get a feel for whether it's where you'd like to spend your leisure years. Accommodation rentals take the worry out of the equation by giving you the chance to try the walking trails, test the golf-courses and meet the community that you might eventually call your own without having to make an immediate and permanent commitment.

Many couples are adopting a new lifetstyle - that of the mini-retirement. If you've planned and budgeted to spend 3-6 months away from the daily grind, this province has everything you could ever want - including everything from affordable to lavish vacation rental accommodation choices near some of BC's most sought-after places.

Currently, extended stay vacation rentals are available in Vancouver, Vancouver Island (including Victoria), Whistler, and The Okanagan. Vancouver's bustling metropolis is a whirlwind of arts, entertainment, sports, dining and shopping… a 2.5 million person tribute to the dynamic, diverse culture of Canada's West Coast. With built up suburban sprawls, new developments, old neighbourhoods, rural communities, park and beaches, it's conceivable that Vancouver has something for you, no matter what your taste.