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Tourist Information for British Columbia

British Columbia, the jewell of the Northwest, is without a doubt one of the most exciting destinations in the World. British Columbia offers so many spectacular tourism destinations that it is nearly impossible to let you know each and every bit of information pertaining to each area. We can only provide a very basic taste of what you can expect when you come to visit us. You will have to come and experience the amazing beauty, the friendly people and the multitudes of exciting and relaxing things to do here in British Columbia. Please choose from the selection of places we believe are the premier destinations in British Columbia from either the links to the left.

With the West Coast of the Province of BC offering so many diverse and excellent quality locations, it is here that we have decided to concentrate our services. Where else in the world can you go golfing, lie suntanning on the beach and go skiing all in the same day? Southwestern BC also is home to many award-winning travel destinations. You will be amazed at the diversity of what there is to find here.

Would you like to explore our easily accessible wild areas and enjoy some of the world's best eco-tourism? Would you enjoy wandering carefree through our safe cities enjoying our art galleries and museums? Interested perhaps in experiencing our internationally renowned sports venues or our second-to-none live music and theatre scene? Does the idea of climbing a mountain ring true for you or perhaps you would like to ski down one? There is also sitting on a beautiful, soft, sandy beach and doing nothing at all. We can provide that for you here in British Columbia.

Is it water that you seek? On the West Coast of British Columbia, we have water in abundance. From glacier-fed streams and rushing rivers to tranquil, fish-filled lakes and waterways leading to the exquisite Pacific Ocean, you can experience every possible water pleasure from fishing in salt and fresh water to every type of water sports imaginable here in British Columbia. Our internationally renowned award-winning fishing is available to you so that you may catch hundreds of different types of fish - from abundant salt-water fish, such as, salmon and halibut, to fresh-water fish, such as, white sturgeon and rainbow trout. Sailing and boating are also easily achievable here on the west coast. Access to large lakes and rivers as well as the most incredible network of ocean islands makes British Columbia an excellent place to come for sea kayaking, sailing and power boating. At the end of the day, the ocean, lakes and rivers are also there for you to simply enjoy by strolling along the shore in bare feet, building a castle in the sand, or just relaxing in the sun. In British Columbia you'll find whatever activity you need to make your holiday perfect.

British Columbia is known for its great open spaces, also for the huge number of different types of climates. We have literally from desert to rain forest. British Columbia includes many untouched, unspoiled wilderness sites that are amongst the most accessible in the world but also some of the least travelled. If adventure tourism is what interests you, British Columbia will reward you with some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. From the heights of crystal-clean alpine lakes crowned by snow covered mountains to the soft moss carpeted floor of moist old-growth rain forest littered with ferns and berry patches. There are many locations to choose from. On some you can pitch tent or park your RV; others can be enjoyed on day hikes or even just driven through. British Columbia has nature and wild areas for everyone to enjoy and experience. Come and see what Super Natural British Columbia has to offer.

Western Canada has a historical richness that is still very accessible to us today. As the British settlers didn't arrive here until the 19th Century, there are many items still preserved today from one of the last empire outposts of Victorian England. We are also very fortunate to have a rich history provided by thousands of generations and hundreds of clans of the Native population. Our art galleries are filled with both period pieces and current artisan works that display the beauty and colour of the Native community. Whether it is museums that interest you or if you are after a piece of the west coast, you can find it here, in a place unlike anywhere else in the world, the west coast of Canada, British Columbia.

Let the warmth and inviting feeling of British Columbia draw you towards its beautiful clean beaches, its crystal-clear blue waters, mountains with unspoiled views of pristine wilderness, the amazing diversity of its peoples and cultures, its safe and clean cities with their internationally renowned shopping, events and activities. Enjoy its sports - whether you might be interested in catching an NHL game, playing golf at one of the many highest quality golf courses designed by the greats, such as, Jack Nicklaus or any of the many other choices from whitewater kayaking to skiing or any winter sports. Or you might just enjoy sitting in your hot tub next the beach you have all to yourself, watching the waves roll in. British Columbia is the place for you, no matter what kind of vacation you are looking for.